Spiced Sausage Rolls

sausagerolls-1Oh my god, the house is a mess. There’s stuff everywhere. Every surface is covered in stuff as we sort through things before the big move to Sri Lanka. (It turns out I’m a hoarder. I found a belly bar from when my sister and I got matching navel piercings in 2008.) There’s a sort of panic setting in as I realise we’ve signed up to move to a country we’ve never even been to. A good panic, I guess, because I believe life is a big adventure and the fun you have anywhere in the world is what you make of it. Luckily for me, I’ve got my favourite bon vivant for tips, she’s from there you see. Her mum even sent me a list of things I should bring. It’s adorable because it’s very much the kind of list I think my mum would write for me.

Last Australia Day was my first as a card carrying Aussie. I was stuck somewhere I didn’t want to be, with people I didn’t want to be with. I remember watching the national broadcast from Parliament House – anything to get a glimpse of home, then Skyping friends in Canberra, desperately wishing for nothing other than to be home with the people that I have come to think of as family. In that moment I would’ve traded it all….

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Onesies and the perfect sugar cookie

onesie cookiesI must confess these are long overdue. Little baby Jacob (whose parents write over at The Patient Cook) is now a month old. I’m really a terrible procrastinator. Although the aim was to post a step by step, I ended up doing this in such a rush that I didn’t take enough pictures. It’s hard to take pictures when your entire kitchen bench is covered in fondant, colours and just general mess. Plus, I’d quite like to sustain the illusion that I’m a neat, tidy and very organised cook.

First of all, I’ve found the perfect sugar cookie recipe from the lovely Katrina over at In Katrina’s Kitchen. She says it’s the best and it is – I’m naturally mildly skeptical when anyone says something’s the best, after all, taste is subjective right? But there’s a lot to like about this recipe and not much I’d change. …

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Frugii Dessert Laboratory, Braddon

frugii-dessert-lab-1Frugii Dessert Laboratory is the most highly anticipated opening in Canberra since BentSpoke Brewery opened it’s doors. On it’s very first day, lines snaked out the door and they were sold out of cakes, all eight varieties thereof, within hours.

There’s a lot to love about a guy who makes his own chocolate from imported cacao beans – just so that he can make ice cream with it. When you first meet him it’s easy to mistake John Marshall as your regular Canberran public servant, that is, until you start talking to him about ice cream. …

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