Passionfruit & Mint Daiquiris

Believe me when I say I’m thinking of you here in hot, sunny Colombo. Even though I’m not missing winter one bit, the pictures and video of it snowing in Canberra have made me a little homesick. And all the pictures of frosty mornings and postcard perfect Canberran sunsets. We are finally settling into living in Colombo. Someone…

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How to cut pineapple like a pro

When I was cutting up pineapple for my new favourite dessert the other day, our dinner guest commented on how artistic I was being about it. I had never thought about it before that point – in my mind there was only one way I knew how to cut a pineapple. There are other ways, obviously, but this…

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Peanut butter & sea salt biscuits

I’ve become less of a sugar fiend of late. Well, strictly speaking that’s not true – I still eat chocolate cereal for breakfast but I am leaning more towards salty-sweet desserts and baked goods lately.  I like chocolate brownies with a salty peanut butter layer in the middle and I add salt to Anzac biscuits (which makes them so moreish!) And I’m…

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Pineapple Brulee

This is my new favourite dessert. I’ve made a lot of desserts in my time; it’s kind of my thing. Like my sister, I’m very much of the school of thought that if dessert isn’t served, the meal just isn’t complete. Which explains why, for the few years we lived together we gained several kilos…

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Lavosh crackers

If like me, you’ve ever paid $4 for a little pack of lavosh before, you’re probably wondering what’s in them, which some time ago really got me thinking about making my own. The answer, as it turns out, is not much – flour, water and whatever else you want to chuck into the mix. For something that…

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apple cake-9438

Apple Crumble Cake

What do you make when you’re having people over for coffee? You know, a bite to eat, but not too filling and not too sweet. Something not overly fussy, preferably that you can throw together in 15 minutes with stuff you have at hand. Without icing, obviously, because it takes time to ice a cake….

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