My secrets to making the best curry laksa in town

tash-laksa-ingredientsI make a damn fine laksa. Seriously. It’s so fine that if it was walking down the street, you’d do a double take. There’s never leftovers. In fact, I’m willing to stake that it’s better than most Malaysian restaurants here in Australia. In fact, it’s so damn fine that when a Malaysian friend came to visit, on his last night here in Australia I asked him what he wanted me to cook, and I named all the things – steak with dauphinois potatoes, chorizo pasta, roast beef, and he said… you guessed it, curry laksa.

The only thing it’s not better than is side-of-the-road, questionable cleanliness food stall. But then again, some of the best food in the world is found in those kind of establishments.

I’m going to share with you all my secrets. And I promise you that it’s easier than you think. …

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Canberra Collective #1 at Sage: from the farmers to the foodies


from L to R: Ewan McAsh (McAsh Clyde River Oysters), Scott Gledhill (Wimbaliri Wines), Demetri Stamatis (Regional Fruit Market), Mitch Pearce (Urban Honey Canberra)

The first of the Canberra Collective dinners at Sage was on last Thursday. For those of you who missed it, the event brought four producers to Sage’s Gorman House premises to talk about who they are, what they do and why they do it. While I was initially mildly skeptical of the concept (I guess if I wanted to meet producers, why wouldn’t I just go to EPIC markets), I must admit that not only was it a really fun night, it also reinvigorated my love for Australian produce and inspired me to pay more attention to where I shop for food.

Despite being a food blogger, I’m not one to routinely pay a lot of money for dinners. This dinner promised four courses with matching wines for $150, but we ended up with more than just four courses. It wasn’t just about all the extras, there’s a genuine sense of passion and excitement with an event like this that you don’t always get with food; and with all the added extras, there’s also a sense of generosity. There’s no doubt that the first Canberra Collective dinner was exceedingly good value….

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BBQ and BYO at Lonsdale Street Roasters #23

lonsdale-bbq-7Lonsdale Street Roasters’ new BBQ and BYO is all kinds of Canberra cool™ .* They sell various forms of smoked meats and sides, you bring your own grog and they’ll even loan you an ice bucket for $5. Outdoors, summer, smoked meat and not paying over-inflated prices for booze – seriously, what’s not to like?

*That’s right, I’m trademarking the idea that Canberra has it’s own kind of super-awesome coolness. Cos it does.

The ingenious idea kicked into gear last weekend, and I dare say that I’m guessing there’ll be a much bigger crowd this weekend. Good news spreads fast in the capital – and it’s unlikely that something like this will stay secret in Canberra for long….

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